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When I mentioned in my “Apollo’s children” post that Maria likes to wear skimpy outfits, I thought to myself “Did she do that as a child?” Well, she did, as seen in the four examples below:

And for Apollo and Phoenix, you’re wondering what they look liked then? Well, here they are.

Phoenix interviews Clay and Maria

NOTE: At this time, Phoenix was only 53. Which makes Clay 16, Athena 37, and Maria 12.

Clay was playing League of Legends on his laptop, while Maria was playing Just Dance Extended on Clay’s PlayStation. Just then, Athena walked in. “Clay! Maria! Mr. Wright will be here soon!” Then Maria asked, “Wait, did you say ‘Wright’ as in ‘Phoenix Wright’?” Clay then said, “The head of the Bar Association?! No f***ing way!” Athena then said, “Watch your mouth, Clay! And yes it is Phoenix Wright. He’s going to interview you.” Clay went back to his game, which he was playing with his friend, Daniel Terran. On Skype call, he said “Hey, Dan! Can you believe it?! I’m going to be interviewed by the greatest lawyer yet!” Just then, the doorbell rang, the kids stopped their games. Athena opened the door, and standing there, was Phoenix Wright. He was 52 years old, his hair slightly grayed, he wore a darker blue suit and a dark gray waistcoat, and grew a five o’clock shadow. “Ah, Dr. Justice. It’s been a long time.” he said. “May I come in?” Athena said, “Yes. And please, call me ‘Athena’.” Phoenix took off his shoes and jacket, then sat down. “Ah, so these must be your children.”

Begin Interview with Maria

Phoenix: (Looks at Maria) Oh, hello there! What’s your name.

Maria: My name’s Maria.

Phoenix: So, Maria, how does it feel to be the daughter of a defense attorney?

Maria: It feels… good. If I ever got arrested, Daddy would defend me in court!

Athena: OBJECTION! Leave that to your brother, Maria. He wants to be a lawyer.

Phoenix: Athena, you’re not a lawyer anymore, and your son is only a student. So no questions, and no objections. Well, we all have imaginations. So tell me, Maria, what do you like to do to kill time?

Maria: Well, I’m a music lover, and I love to dance.

Phoenix: I see. Oh! That’s a strange outfit you have on. What’s with your style?

Athena: You didn’t notice it earlier? Mr. Wright, Maria prefers skimpy outfits.

Maria: Well, usually, you’d expect me in something long, but I prefer small pants, and I like to wear tops show my belly-button. All of my friends-

Clay: OBJECTION! The so-called “belly-button” is actually known as the “navel”, stronzo (bitch). And in my school, we call it “baring the midriff”.

Athena: (frustrated) Do. Not. Interrupt. And. Use. Rude. Words, Clay! Continue, Mr. Wright.

Phoenix: Ah, so that must be your son.

Begin Interview with Clay

Phoenix: So, what’s your name, son?

Clay: The name’s Clay. Clay Metis Justice.

Phoenix: Didn’t your dad mention that you’re the namesake of his deceased childhood friend?

Clay: Yeah, when I heard about Clay Terran, it was pretty obvious.

Phoenix: So tell me, Clay. What do you want to be when you become an adult.

Clay: Isn’t it obvious? I want to be a lawyer, like you and my father.

Phoenix: Ah, a lawyer! You know, an old friend of mine from grade school said the exact same thing. But then, he became a prosecutor instead.

Clay: HOLD IT! Are you talking about the head of the P.I.C? The one and only Miles Edgeworth?!

Phoenix: Yep. And one more thing: Did you know that the majority of my cases were homicides?

Clay: Of course I knew that.

….and speaking of murder, you know what I would do if someone close to me died right in front of my eyes?

Phoenix: Really? What would you do?

Clay: Well, Maria would just sit there, crying. After all, she’s a girl.

Athena: Excuse me!

Clay: Chill, Mom. I was going to say “No sexism involved”.

Phoenix: So, what would you do?

Clay: I would close their eyes and say…

Phoenix: …

Athena: …

Maria: …

Clay: …Requiescat in pace. (Rest in peace.)

Phoenix: Requiescat in pace?! Looks like someone’s been playing too much Assassin’s Creed.

Clay: And I’m multilingual. I can speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese.

Phoenix: Japanese, huh? All right, I’ll give you a quiz based on my past experience. How do you say “Objection!”?

Clay: 異議あり!(Igiari!)

Phoenix: Excellent! Oh, Athena, I’m running late. I have to evaluate a lawyer who was caught forging evidence.

Athena: See you later.

Then, Athena walked up to Clay, and said “Try not to use that word again. It’s very rude, young man.”

Now that I made a new series, What happened to the old characters?

Phoenix became the leader of the Bar Association.

Apollo took over for the Wright Anything Agency, and renamed it the “Justice Anything Agency”.

Athena retired as a lawyer and followed in her mother’s footsteps as a psychologist.

Edgeworth became the leader of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee.

Blackquill rose to the position of Chief Prosecutor.

Trucy was known as a famous stage magician.

Pearl Fey is now the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique.

15-year old Clay, and 11-year old Maria. Yes, Clay still looks like a tough guy, even as a teenager.

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Request: Simon Blackquill - Ace Attorney 5


cherrizard asked:

i know you’re not doing requests for AA5 right now but do blackquill when you are

Well now I am!  Trying to figure out Blackquill’s voice was tricky, because his “OBJECTION!” and “SILENCE!” are not helpful at all (one sounds super British and the other…doesn’t).  So I just went with my gut.

Just a reminder that I wlil be tagging all Ace Attorney 5 requests/posts with #ace attorney 5 and #aa5, in case there are followers who don’t want to see them yet.

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Simon’s “黙りなァ!” in the drama version comparing to his usual one in the game [x]

ArtistGyakuten Saiban 5 Drama CD
TitleSimon Blackquill's 黙りなァ!

Favorites: The Justice Legacy


Favorite Song? The Guitar’s Serenade.

Favorite Book? The Grand Turnabout of Phoenix Wright.

Favorite Game? Assassin’s Creed: Feudalism.

Favorite TV Show? The Steel Samurai.

Favorite Movie? Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. “The duel with Obi-Wan and Anakin was boss!”


Favorite Song? Take That. (A Smack That parody)

Favorite Book? Unknown.

Favorite Game? Just Dance Legacy.

Favorite TV Show? The Steel Samurai.

Favorite Movie? Unknown.


I want them to marry tbh

Me too

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Featuring jacketless Clay, and Maria’s “appropriate” outfit.