Ace Attorney Star Trek:

Phoenix Wright

Rank: Captain

Position: Command

Role: Captain of the U.S.S. Turnabout


Athena Cykes

Rank: Lieutenant

Position: Sciences

Role: Science officer


Apollo Justice

Rank: Commander

Position: Operations (Poor Apollo is a red shirt)

Role: First officer of the U.S.S. Turnabout

When Did They _____: Justicykes 2053 Edition

When did they start dating: November 2029.

When did they get married: January 2030.

When did Athena first get pregnant: April 2030.

When did they first have sex (without a condom): Right before their wedding.

When did they first kiss: November 2029.

Practicing some eye sketches.

Practicing some eye sketches.

When Did They _____: Shin Gyakuten Saiban Edition

Clay Justice
When was he born: December 15, 2030
When did his voice get deeper: Age 13
When did he get glasses: Age 8
When did he pass the bar exam: Age 22
When did he get his first cell phone: Age 11
When did he get his driver’s license: Age 20
When did he become Chief of the office: Age 24

Maria Justice
When was she born: October 7, 2034
When did she get her first cell phone: Age 11
When did she start wearing skimpy clothes: Age 13
When did she start wearing a training bra: Age 12
How many times did she get molested: 0
When did she become a detective: Age 21
When did she join a cheerleading team: Age 14

It’s true!

It’s true!

Shin Gyakuten Saiban: Favorite Items as of 2053

Clay Justice:
Item: 2009 Vintage Fender Stratocaster (Squier Edition)
Who gave it to him: His father, Apollo
When did he get it: When he turned 12 (2042)

Maria Justice:
Item: Treadmill (Magnetic manual)
Who gave it to her: Custom-built by her brother
When did she get it: When she turned 13 (2047)

Ryan Blackquill:
Item: Authentic Japanese sword (Katana)
Who gave it to him: Bought it from an antique shop in Japan
When did he get it: When he started his law career (2050)

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Actual DD Fancast

Phoenix: Chris Pratt

Apollo: Anton Yelchin

Athena: Shailene Woodley

Blackquill: Zachary Quinto

Fulbright: Robert Downey Jr

Edgeworth: Benedict Cumberbatch

Klavier: Chris Hemsworth

Damian Tenma: Ken Watanabe

Rex Kyubi: George Takei

Constance Courte: Winona Ryder

Aristotle Means: Donald Sutherland

Hugh O’Conner: Daniel Radcliffe

Clay Terran: Miles Teller

Solomon Starbuck: Chris Pine

Aura Blackquill: Elizabeth Banks

Metis Cykes: Claudia Ferri

Yuri Cosmos: F***ING LEONARD NIMOY!!!

Shin Gyakuten Saiban Catchphrases: Clay Justice

Excitement: Here comes Clay Metis Justice!
Determination: I’m fine!
Frustration: Shimatta!(しまった)That means “Damn it!” in Japanese
Trademark scream: Gyaaaaaaaagh!!!