Shin Gyakuten Saiban: Chapter 2: A Special Gift

Chapter 2: A Special Gift

Maria sat down on the couch. Her mother said, “I heard you’ve become interested in running. You’re starting to become more like me now.”

"How did you know that?" Maria asked. "Did Dad tell you when I talked to him on the phone?"

Athena gasped, and said “Did you just use deductive reasoning?! You’re becoming more like Miles Edgeworth’s son!”

Maria said, “Yep.”

Athena then continued, “Your father and I have been thinking about this after the call. On your thirteenth birthday tomorrow, we’re going to give you something that will make you a better runner. Even better than me, too!”

Maria asked with excitement, “Really?! What is it?”

"Your own personal treadmill."

Maria exclaimed, “What?! You mean one of those fitness machines that requires you to walk or run on a moving belt?!”

Apollo came in, and said, “Yes.”

"But we don’t have enough money to buy one."

Just then, the door opened, and a deep, calm voice said, “Estas equivocado. (You’re wrong.)” It was Clay Metis Justice, Apollo’s son and Maria’s older brother.

"Clay! You’re back!" Maria said. Clay then said, "We don’t have the money to buy an electric treadmill, but we do have the money for a manual one."

"A manual treadmill? What’s that?" Apollo asked.

"Geez, can’t you do some research on machines for once?" Clay said with frustration. "A manual treadmill uses a flywheel instead of a motor. But to start it, you have to push the belt with your feet.

Maria then said, “But I’m looking for the kind with those… What’s that thing you move with your arms while walking to get an upper body workout?”

Athena answered, “You mean a crosswalk arm? Manual treadmills don’t have those in this country.”

Clay then swung his fist down in frustration, and yelled, “Shimatta! (Shit!) Well, there’s another way. I’ll just have to make one.”

Athena exclaimed, “You’re going to BUILD a treadmill?! How’s that even possible?”

"Simple. All we need is a deck, some screws and bolts, rubber grips, cut steel, and a running belt, which I have more than enough for. I can make the handrail and crosswalk arms using those spare pipes that I used for the guns on my Arwing bike." Clay replied. "Besides, Prosecutor Fang created a meter for his office’s manual treadmill desk. All we need to do is hardwire another one into a display."

"But you need to hold on to the handrail when running. It’s impossible to do a hands free workout." Maria said.

"Not if it has adjustable magnetic resistance." Fang replied.

Then Clay’s eyes started shining. “Alright. Someone get me a screwdriver, a Dremel, the pipes… And my wallet!”


"Estas equivocado" is "You’re wrong" in Spanish.

"Shimatta"(しまった)means "Oh no" in Japanese, but can also mean "shit".

Shin Gyakuten Saiban: Chapter 1: Meet the Family

"My name is Clay Metis Justice… son of defense attorney Apollo Justice. I am seventeen years old. My dream is to be like my father, who is an amazing defense attorney.
He was mentored by that man… I forget what his name is. And now, a new generation of lawyering begins. This is my story…”

Well, after waiting, Chapter 1 of “Shin Gyakuten Saiban” is now up! This starts off my new series, currently titled… Well… You know, Shin Gyakuten Saiban.

Without hesitation, here we go!

Chapter 1: Meet the Family

Perspective: Third-person

It was just a normal day at the Justice Family Residence, a small apartment three blocks away from the Justice Law Offices, which was originally the Wright Anything Agency. Apollo returned from the courthouse. He was 43 years old, and wore a red suit with a reddish-white waistcoat and teal necktie. He had medium length light-brown hair as well as two strands gelled up into place. “Athena, I’m home!” he exclaimed. His wife, Athena, was sitting on the couch, with a laptop. She was 38 years old, wore a dark grey suit with a yellow scarf. She was farsighted, so she had to wear convex-lens rectangular glasses.

"How did the trial go?" She asked. "I lost. My final piece of evidence was missing." Apollo replied.

"Wait, missing? What happened?!"

"It was stolen. Probably during recess. By the way, where’s Maria?" Apollo asked.

"Mr. Wright’s giving her a ride from Mia and Perseus’ birthday party." Athena replied.

Just then, the door opened. “Dad, I’m back!” Said a young girl’s voice. It was Maria Justice, Apollo’s darling daughter. “Oh! Maria, you’re back! How was the-” Athena said, before Maria interrupted, “Wait! Where’s Clay?!”

Apollo replied, “He’s at the office with Mr. Fang, studying his glasses off.” Alright, Athena, it’s time to get down to business.”

How Athena describes the relationship between her and Apollo

"He’s the Romeo to my Juliet, the Mako to my Korra, and the Fox to my Krystal.

You Are A Lawyer (Ace Attorney You Are A Pirate Parody) WIP Lyrics

Do what you want, ‘cause a lawyer is free!
You are a lawyer!

Matta! Igiari!
Being a lawyer is alright to be!
Do what you want, ‘cause a lawyer is free!
You are a lawyer!

You are a lawyer!

We’ve got us a case,
That involves a murder victim,
Time to find contradictions
Just need my thinking hat.

We’ll take on the case,
We know we need the evidence
So present it in their face…
And then we’ll say “Take that!”

Matta! Igiari!
If you want to seek the truth, you are a lawyer!

(Phoenix and Apollo)
Matta! Igiari!
Being a lawyer is alright to be!
Do what you want, ‘cause a lawyer is free!
You are a lawyer!

Kurae! Dama ri nā!
I will fight in this dark age of the law!
I hope your argument isn’t that raw!
You are a lawyer!

The WAA plays Star Fox: Assault

  • Phoenix: Falco's health is very low, Apollo.
  • Trucy: You're one to talk, Daddy! Slippy's health is three stars higher than Falco!
  • Apollo: At least no one's playing as Wolf. His health is the highest. Besides, Falco has amazing speed and Arwing skill.
  • Athena: Krystal's Pilot skill is also good, and that's why I'm on foot for the majority of every match.
  • Phoenix: That makes you vulnerable to my hyper laser. Fox's skill is four for each vehicle.
  • Athena: Krystal's health may be low, but she gets two barriers after dy- HEY!!! You can't just launch a fireburst pod without warning us, Truce!!
  • Trucy: That's the point of a fireburst pod, Athena.
  • Apollo: And don't bother shooting it, or else you'll scatter grenades all over your feet.
  • Trucy: Also, you'd better find an Arwing, Athena.
  • Athena: What?! AHH!!!
  • Phoenix: Way to run over a lady with a tank, Truce.
  • Apollo: Hey! Nobody runs over my girlfriend!
  • Phoenix: You're Falco. Krystal is Fox's girlfriend.
  • Apollo: That settles it. Next match, I'M Fox! Oh, and I win. "You can't touch me..."

Plans for the rest of the year

My plans for the rest of the year are:
• Get the script for my fangame ready
• Do some Justicykes fan art
• Create a SSB4 Fox McCloud costume for Halloween (complete with blaster and reflector)
• Get a PS4

Blockland Machinima Film Cast:

James “Ap” Aplowski, an 18-year old commando pilot squadron leader with determination and a strong sense of justice.

Dexter “Dex” Anderson, an 18-year old commando pilot who had a childhood friendship with Ap. He’s a genius in flying.

Tristan “Trip” Wang, an 18-year old commando pilot who had a childhood friendship with Ap. He’s a really experienced mechanical engineer.

Kaylee “Kay” Myles, a 17-year old girl who fell in love with Ap. She is the daughter of High General Andrew Myles.

So, what happened to the original Ace Attorney gang?

Phoenix became the chairman of the Bar Association, and married Maya Fey. Trucy is no longer Phoenix’s adopted daughter. Phoenix and Maya have three children: Iris, age 21, and Mia and Perseus, both 19. Iris took the surname “Fey”, while Mia took her father’s surname. Her twin brother is Perseus.

Ema actually fell in love with Miles Edgeworth, and the two were married. They have two sons: Greg, age 23, and Lance, age 21. Miles is also the chairman of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee.
Greg is a prosecutor, and Lance is a detective.

Simon Blackquill became the Chief Prosecutor. He has a son, Ryan, age 24.

Klavier Gavin is now an international prosecutor. Juniper Woods, the current Chief Justice, is his wife.

And the main one: Athena and Apollo are married, and have two children. Apollo is the head of the Justice Law Offices (The former Wright Anything Agency), and Athena is the lawyer course professor at Themis Legal Academy.

And time for something funny: The Judge died, so his son took over.